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Music School SingaporeSome are born with real ears for music. Others are not. But what if you just simply want to learn musical instrument you ask yourself. Can you learn to play an instrument by mere practice or would you need some musical theory to play it so beautifully well? Let’s try to reason out the pros and cons of learning an instrument without music theory.

The Pros

1. Learning to play an instrument without music theory makes one creative as other say. It helps you to play around the notes and inject your own creative style in playing the instrument. A little coaching there and a little reading of notes plus practice allow you to learn to play by yourself.

2. It also makes you resourceful. There are a lot of internet sources that can link you from one website to another. This leads you to gather so much information and if you are good enough to organize them, you may be headed to the right direction helping you to get techniques and read notes by yourself.

3. It is economical as well. Going to some special musical school makes you spend more. Musical fee is paid per session and it can cause your pocket to lose more pennies. Musical courses are anyways offered in short period.

The Cons

1. Skipping to learn musical theory can actually halt one’s creativity. As music in itself is counting accurate beats to create a harmonious sound then like any other subject a systematic learning is so foundational in order to understand simple and complex musical compositions.

2. Getting information from wrong sources may lead to confusion. Techniques that are inappropriately applied will not help one to perfect his musical keenness. One cannot just play by the ear and quickly produce excellent musical compositions.

3. Taking formal courses in learning musical instrument is a good investment if someone is serious in building his professional career around music. If music is his passion, a good start is to find an institutionalized school to help him perfect his musical craft and connect to excellent teachers and mentors. Either way, one has to seriously to consider if music would truly go along well with him. It is a combination of both formal schooling and attempt to learn and practice playing your favourite musical instrument. The passion has to be there to sustain your interest.